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  • 10 Thoughts in the wake of the Jarrid Wilson Tragedy

    10 Thoughts in the wake of the Jarrid Wilson Tragedy

    The news is becoming horribly familiar – a pastor who has been used of God, who has even counselled and helped others through their struggles with depression and self destructive thoughts, takes their own life. The tragedy of Jarrid Wilson’s suicide that emerged yesterday is all the more poignant given his work of intentionally teaching…

  • Why we need Lamentations

    Why we need Lamentations

    The word ‘aftermath’ is so significant. It tells us something of a story that is past, something about where we are now, and hints at what we are yet to face. ‘Aftermath’ communicates that individuals or nations have undergone something tough, and hints at the need for recovery, the need for time to process what…

  • The scars of heaven

    The scars of heaven

    A friend recently recounted a conversation with his precocious 10 year old. Their child had sustained an injury some years ago which means that they now have an obvious scar, and the subject of how this makes them feel regularly surfaces. On this particular occasion the conversation turned to the dividing line in their life…