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  • Reframing Kindness

    Reframing Kindness

    Redefinition is definitely on-trend in our culture. Words, phrases, and concepts are generally fluid, and are often the tools of a non-democratic process which draws new lines between ‘good’ and ‘evil’ at will. Other linguistic changes seem to simply happen, usage and over-usage leading to their decommissioning and devaluation. One of those words is ‘kindness’,…

  • The pain of personal sin

    The pain of personal sin

    I want to think about sin, sinning, and my sense of self. So often my mental processing of sin is impulsive, a kind of muscle memory which, in my worst moments, reflexively rebels against the right and towards the wrong; or it is tragically retrospective, picking up the shrapnel of self-detonation. These are important issues,…

  • Is it still ok?

    Is it still ok?

    When postmodernism was at the height of its powers many of us feared that a loss of meaning would lead to a loss of morality. We were wrong. Instead of morality entering terminal decline, the loss of absolutes has led to its simultaneous intensification and misdirection. Morality or, more properly, moralism, is enjoying a major…