The end of Enlightened sex?

Christians talk a lot about the Enlightenment, in the same way that dwellers on the Pacific coast might talk a lot about a past tsunami. The intellectually tectonic shift which the thinking of philosophers such as Immanuel Kant rendered to the Western mind can scarcely be quantified. The theistic roots of our culture's epistemological and … Continue reading The end of Enlightened sex?

Surprised by the Psalms

Yesterday in morning worship the first words we sang together were those of Psalm 100, unaccompanied. Around 100 people lifted their voices, some spontaneously assuming the 'parts', with a blend of voices old and young. It was a moment of beauty, spiritually and aesthetically, an articulation of our mutual ownership of the Old Testament's songbook … Continue reading Surprised by the Psalms

The local church, coalition, and community

It appears that our world is retreating into tribalism, that there is an inexorable shift towards unhelpful varieties of identity politics. Whether it be our carefully selected followers and exemplars on social media, or the increasing polarity between left and right in political and cultural discourse, it seems that 'them' and 'us' is increasingly the … Continue reading The local church, coalition, and community

The improbability of ministry

As Christians we minister and witness in the realm of unlikelihood; humanly speaking our work is always against the grain and against the odds. The idea that sinful people could be reached through sinful people, via the medium of insignificant, politically disenfranchised, local churches is a material absurdity. If we were to take the components … Continue reading The improbability of ministry