4 ways to disagree well: some lessons from Spurgeon

Our world is on fire for want of good listening and gracious engagement, and some of the flames are burning brightest between believers. Individuals who would avoid face-to-face confrontation at all costs in their everyday lives are warring with words, brusquely asserting their theology, and refusing to indulge in true conversation in their online world. … Continue reading 4 ways to disagree well: some lessons from Spurgeon

App Review: The Heuristic Shakespeare

The impact of e-books on mainstream paper publishing is a hotly disputed topic. Several years ago the demise of the physical book was confidently predicted in some quarters, while fiercely denied by others. Recent research has suggested that sales of e-readers has been in steady decline for some time, although how much this is the … Continue reading App Review: The Heuristic Shakespeare

Three Points of Departure

The frontier between evangelical belief and culturally assumed ethics has been high in the headlines over the past weeks in the UK and Ireland. The referendum on the 8th amendment to the Irish constitution and the announcement by the Presbyterian Church of Ireland regarding same sex unions/church membership have powerfully highlighted just how much of … Continue reading Three Points of Departure