Why God’s people need their elders to teach them

If we were charged with helping a new Christian to develop spiritual disciplines for their growth in the faith, what would we most emphasise? If we were trying to encourage a fellow believer who is flagging in their commitment to God, what steps would we urge them to take? These questions are not the basis … Continue reading Why God’s people need their elders to teach them

Why I am not theologically sound

We lay great emphasis on the soundness of preachers we listen to, and authors whom we read. For many of us an individual's fidelity or infidelity to the truth of Scripture will govern the time and weight we lend to what they have to say. We speak longingly, lovingly, or nostalgically of sound preachers and … Continue reading Why I am not theologically sound

Preaching Prep #1: Read

Recently I've been thinking through some of the mistakes and hindrances which have attended my preparation for preaching over the past 18 years, as well as some of the things which have been of real benefit to me as time has gone on. The post below, and those which will follow it, are written from … Continue reading Preaching Prep #1: Read