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  • Coronavirus, vulnerability, and dignity

    Coronavirus, vulnerability, and dignity

    In the present global health crisis there are some whose fears and needs could easily become a footnote to a larger narrative of reassurance and confidence. While coronavirus will one day be a memory, and while most who experience it will find it mild and minor, there is a margin of people for whom news…

  • Joining the family song

    Joining the family song

    There is a scene in The Sound of Music where Captain Von Trapp wavers on the threshold of the drawing room. His family are singing Edelweiss much to the enjoyment of Max and The Baroness, and he listens clearly moved by what he hears. Christopher Plummer’s facial acting at this point is incredibly powerful –…

  • Reframing Kindness

    Reframing Kindness

    Redefinition is definitely on-trend in our culture. Words, phrases, and concepts are generally fluid, and are often the tools of a non-democratic process which draws new lines between ‘good’ and ‘evil’ at will. Other linguistic changes seem to simply happen, usage and over-usage leading to their decommissioning and devaluation. One of those words is ‘kindness’,…