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  • No pang shall be mine?

    No pang shall be mine?

    John Wesley famously summarised the final outworking of the gospel in the hearts of those within early Methodism with the memorable words, ‘Our people die well’. As a summary of the power of gospel hope to hold out against death, this is as succinct as it is brilliant; as a road map for walking through…

  • The forgetfulness of heaven – a further reflection

    The forgetfulness of heaven – a further reflection

    One of the big benefits of thinking aloud is that others can hear you, can express appreciation, or offer gracious interrogation of your tentative position on things that matter. Last week I offered a meditation on The Scars of Heaven, and it has been so enriching to interact with people online and offline about what…

  • The scars of heaven

    The scars of heaven

    A friend recently recounted a conversation with his precocious 10 year old. Their child had sustained an injury some years ago which means that they now have an obvious scar, and the subject of how this makes them feel regularly surfaces. On this particular occasion the conversation turned to the dividing line in their life…