A bigger issue than Brexit

The whole Brexit debacle is like living inside someone else’s bad dream, or being caught up in a friend’s domestic dispute with no power to influence the outcome or offer any mediation. Twitter is pulsating tonight with ire and fire, panic and platitudes, MPs grabbing the parliamentary mace and some momentary fame, with vitriol and … Continue reading A bigger issue than Brexit

Dispatches from the Newspeak Gulag

During the past week the animal rights group PETA shared a chart on their Twitter feed which urged the adjustment of English idiom to express greater sensitivity towards other mammals, and to exclude anything barbaric in our turn of phrase. Under their guidance we should supplant 'bring home the bacon' with 'bring home the bagels', … Continue reading Dispatches from the Newspeak Gulag

Death Positive

In a world which invites us to constantly publicise ourselves, self-description heavily outweighs self-knowledge. Social media and celebrity culture invite us to write our own label and then live up to it, whether or not we have thought through how psychologically accurate or even morally appropriate that description might be. Twitter asks us to compose … Continue reading Death Positive

Recovering intolerants

As conservative evangelicals what we are asking for is not all that difficult to understand, nor to grant. Rather than wanting to exert a form of cultural hegemony we wish to exercise spiritual humility in articulating our beliefs, without fear of prejudicial treatment or social ostracisation. We are pleading for true tolerance, where each person … Continue reading Recovering intolerants