A Prayer on the Death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Almighty God, ruler of heaven and earth, we bow before you today in awe of your majesty, and in open confession of your glory. We come in the name of your risen Son, Jesus Christ – King of kings and Lord of lords, rejoicing that in him we have access to your throne.

You, O Lord, raise up rulers; setting the limits of their powers, numbering their days, using them to fulfil your sovereign purpose. While nations rise and fall, your kingdom, your decree, and your steadfast love endure forever. We rest in this today, putting our trust only in you. 

Thank you for your command to honour those who rule over us and to pray for them. We bless you in this regard for the long life and reign of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Thank you for the stability that her reign provided and the liberty that it afforded us in public worship. Thank you for her example of diligence, duty, and servanthood. Thank you most of all for her public confession of your Son as Saviour and Lord.


We pray today for the United Kingdom, and neighbouring nations affected by news of the Queen’s passing. At this time of national mourning we pray that many would number their days and seek you for salvation and true hope.

We pray today for King Charles III and all members of the Royal Family. Comfort them in their grief, and in future days steer the heart of the King to learn your fear, seek your wisdom, and, by your grace, bow to your Son. Under the new King’s reign grant us peace, we pray, to worship and proclaim you freely. 


May your eternal glory be our refuge, your sovereign purpose be our peace, and your steadfast love be our portion, now and forever,








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